Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Holy crap, I'm actually updating!

Yes folks, it's true, you aren't imagining things. I'm actually posting a blog. Bella keeps me super busy when she's awake, and when she's asleep, well, I'm busy doing all the things I can't do while she's awake.. like laundry, and cleaning house. Trust me, I'd much rather blog all day, but I'm pretty sure after a while it may become an issue in my marriage. Kevin really prefers to have clean underwear. I know, weird, huh? Ah well.. what can I do?

I don't even remember what or when I posted last.. and yes, I could go back and look, but, it still won't really change what I post about here. We just got back from a nice week-long trip up to PA. We had a wonderful time and Bella loved seeing her Pap-Pap and Grandma, along with all her aunts and uncles and cousins! I'm really grateful for having such a large, wonderful family for Bella, even though trying to see everyone can be very difficult.

One thing I'll never understand is why we are always told to go here and there to see everyone. Most of the family lives in the same area, and all growing up, whenever we visited, people always came to where the visitors were. I guess it's just different the way my family has always been, and the way his is. It's not a big deal, but it is rather difficult when trying to work around a schedule for Bella. I *try* to keep her close to her schedule. Sure, she does okay, but there is always that breaking point, and when we push back her nap or skip it, we are pushing our luck on how far she'll go before she just completely melts down. It's just easier and less stressful for EVERYONE if she gets a good nap every day and isn't kept up super late at night. Ah well.. I'm glad she re-adjusted quickly once we got home, though. She is definitely one who does better on a routine/schedule. Personally, I think most kids do, you just have to teach them what the schedule is!

Anyhow, We spent the week helping Kevin's brother move into their GORGEOUS new house!  I have to say, I am a bit envious of her wonderful decorating skills. I'm just not that creative, and she does everything super cheap, too. Friday we went up to the camp for our annual picnic. I love going up there. It is so peaceful and quiet and even though it's a long drive, it is a pretty one. We cook outside on the fire every day, and Friday night we all slept outside in the tent. Okay, so for a lot of you it's not *really* camping because there is a bathroom, shower, running water, etc. But, it's about as close as you will get me to camping. Especially with a baby! Bella really enjoyed being able to run around and chase after her cousins and playing soccer with them. They are all sooo good with her, and she really loves older kids in general!

Once we got back I have been sooo busy! Cleaning the house, painting, catching up with laundry.. it just seems like I've been run, run, running around nonstop this past week. This week is no different; we have a big cookout this weekend here at the house and I've got to get it all cleaned up and stuff for the cookout. I know it's not really a big deal, and no one else is going to care, but *I* care!  So, like a crazy chicken with it's head cut off, I'm running in circles. Seems to be par for the course, for me, though.

Bella had her 18 month checkup yesterday! She is growing sooo much, it just amazes me! I'll post all that in another blog, eventually. I've got to get off of here and flip the laundry and stuff before Miss Bella wakes up. =)

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