Saturday, July 24, 2010

My bows, worthy enough to sell?

Here are some bows I've made..  what would you pay for them?

FYI: all ribbon is heat sealed on the end, the ribbon is stitched together to stay in place. They are on 2 prong alligator clips, which is wrapped in ribbon as well to match the bow. There is NOT any non-slip material on these specific bows, but I could easily add it if someone requested it. I usually make them in sets of two, since Bella almost always has her hair in pig tails.  so, here are alll the pics. Tell me what you think!

Patriotic Bow
Yellow Flower
Pink/Chocolate and White
Turquoise with green dots and White (made for a specific outfit)
Lilac and White
Fall Colors (Pumpkin Orange, Grape, Green and White)
Small Pink and White
Couldn't decide which one to wear.. ;) 


  1. I think they're adorable! They make Bella's hair look like a present :)

    I think they'd do well at a craft fair. They're cute and unique, and if you had pictures of Bella modeling them, you may sell some!

  2. Thanks! I think you are the only one who actually commented on here.. everyone else sent me a message on FB! I appreciate your commenting. =)