Thursday, March 31, 2011


So - Bella has this cheapy foam magnetic alphabet puzzle. I bought it for her at the Dollar Tree as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. It has taken a beating, but we continue to somehow keep track of the letters. A few she has chewed on, a few the cat (yes, the cat) has chewed on. They've been in the sink, in the toy box, stepped on, kicked, in food.. you name it. But - hey, she loves magnets.

I try to b the great educational mom. You know the type: using every experience as a teaching experience. Pointing out every letter, color, shape, and number that they see to their child; they have flash cards, and every day do something involving some specific shape/color/letter/number. If you are one of those moms, I have much envy for you. I, no mater how much I'd like to be, am not that ambitious. I read to Bella, daily. She loves books. We point out whats in the pictures, naming items we see. We count flowers in the picture, or clouds, or whatever. We point out the red ball, the pink flower, the purple heart. I try, when I think about it, to point things out to Bella during any outings around town, but the truth it, I just don't think about it. We sing songs in the car, she finds it quite humorous for me to sing along with the radio, and occasionally tries to copy me. One subject I lack in teaching to her is letters. I don't know why, I don't have anything against teaching letters, and I certainly don't skip them on purpose, but I just don't find myself saying "Oh! Look Bella! It's the Letter V!". Nope, just not into it. Sure, she has books with letters, and we occasionally point them out in her alphabet book.. but, the point of all this is that I just lack in the Alphabet Education department.

Or so I thought. SO - back to this cheap magnet puzzle thing. Bella had them all over the kitchen floor. So we are picking up all the magnets, because EVERY MAGNET we own was on the floor. We get to the letters, and Bella is helping me stick them to the dishwasher. I ask her for the letter 'A'. She gave it to me. First try. Okay, I was a bit surprised, but it WAS right in front of her, so maybe a lucky guess? So I ask for 'B'. She looked for a moment.. then grabbed it and gave it to me. HOLY CRAP - My kid knows her letters! THANK YOU SESAME STREET! haha! So we went through the whole alphabet, and with the exception of 4-5, she handed me each letter I asked for, when I asked for it.

I know, as parents we should not rely on television to teach our children, but obviously shes picking it up from somewhere. I know Kevin works with her too, but.. I was just surprised and happy and super proud. And I just wanted to share.

Happy Birthday, LOVE!

I just wanted to wish my wonderful, loving, most awesome husband a very happy 35th birthday! LOVE YOU POOKIE!

Friday, March 25, 2011

A giveaway!

Hey everyone, my friend Heather is offering a giveaway on her blog! Be sure to go check it out, enter to win yourself, and leave a comment that Michele A. sent you! =) I'd much appreciate it.. and, who couldn't use a giftcard? =)

------>Here's her awesome blog! <-------------

Good luck!

Monday, March 21, 2011


I need a sitter for Bella. I'm way too paranoid to leave her with anyone. I mean, sure a couple of hours, but rarely ever during naptime or bedtime. Of course I leave her with Kevin, but as far as leaving her with someone else.. I start to freak out just thinking about it. Will she go down okay? Will they just let her run until she passes out? Will they feed her, change her? will she be okay? will she wake up and freak out before we get home?

I'm sure all these worries are not really an issue, but still i worry. A lot. a whole lot.

So.. I'm just thinking ahead, because our 5 year anniversary is coming up. And I'd really like to go out. You know, like a real date. just me and him, where we actually care what we look like, and we can just enjoy each others company.

Anyhow, thats my only update, because it's 10:15pm, and I'm tired. =)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I don't have a title for this one.

I stopped c25k. I have some emotional stress going on, and while everyone tells me exercising will help, I really can't find the time because my brain is so unorganized lately. I feel as though I'm struggling to stay on track each day. I have trouble staying focused, and I am not sure how to correct this situation. 

My parents are about to go through what is bound to be a very messy divorce. While I am only a day away from being 30 (that's a whole other stress!) watching this happen makes me feel like a little kid. Trying to be the mediator, for them, for my brother and sister... it's tiring. I really want to just remove myself from all of it, but I worry about how my sister and brother are doing emotionally, I worry about my mom. She is going through a mid-life crisis, and acting in ways that are not normal for her, and seeming to be a bit irrational. I'm trying to be supportive but I find it even more exhausting to try and decipher the truth from her personal reality every time we talk.  but, i wont go into all those details.. Its just a stresser.

Money is always on the forefront of my worries. Kevin's car is still acting up, mine needs new tired and rotors badly, and of course gas prices really don't help the situation. Everythign seems to be more expensive, and I struggle to find a way to bring in more money for our house, but it is difficult with Kevin's schedule, as we don't want to put Bella in daycare.

Anyhow.. That's what is going on in my life. I'm trying to find ways to make some changes for the positive, but I feel like there is a lot of negative pull around me right now.