Monday, March 21, 2011


I need a sitter for Bella. I'm way too paranoid to leave her with anyone. I mean, sure a couple of hours, but rarely ever during naptime or bedtime. Of course I leave her with Kevin, but as far as leaving her with someone else.. I start to freak out just thinking about it. Will she go down okay? Will they just let her run until she passes out? Will they feed her, change her? will she be okay? will she wake up and freak out before we get home?

I'm sure all these worries are not really an issue, but still i worry. A lot. a whole lot.

So.. I'm just thinking ahead, because our 5 year anniversary is coming up. And I'd really like to go out. You know, like a real date. just me and him, where we actually care what we look like, and we can just enjoy each others company.

Anyhow, thats my only update, because it's 10:15pm, and I'm tired. =)


  1. I'd babysit for you guys if I was closer. But I would let her tire herself out - haha! Run around, Bella! Get good and exhausted and then sleep :)

    That is, of course, only if she didn't have some sort of condition where that was dangerous.

  2. ha! if only it were that easy. if she's exhausted, and passes out, it makes for poor sleeping and cranky girl the next day! Kids are weird about their sleep! But - i suppose its an okay trade-off for having a night out with my husband. =)

    you are always welcome to come down for a weekend and visit. Apple blossom if coming up, going to be the same weekend that you were here for our wedding!

  3. I wish I was close, I would sit for you.

  4. I wish you were closer, too! I think I could grow and learn a lot from you. <3