Friday, July 22, 2011

Cake-Pop GIveaway by Beckaboo's Cakes!

If you love cake, and who doesn't, and you live in the Winchester/Shenandoah Valley area, then you want to enter to win this fabulous giveaway. Beckaboo's cakes are sweet, delicious, and leave you wanting more every time! She specializes in cake pops, and if you've never had one, let me tell you a little about them. They are the PERFECT bite-size piece of cake on a stick. In a word: heaven. At least, I think so! She can make them in any flavor you want, and make them to look like pretty much anything you want (within reason.. I mean, they are ROUND to start with..)

If I've got your attention, go here ------> Beckaboo's Cakes <------- Like the page, then enter to win in her notes section!

And, if you AREN'T from the area.. you can still enter to win, and just gift your winnings to me ;) Just a thought.

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