Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Beginnings!

Well, the move is complete! We are mostly moved in and settled. There is a lot to go through in the basement, and a few small boxes here and there of small odds n ends that just need to be sorted, but overall, we are in and settled and loving it. I've driven a little around the city, and I really love where we are. We are close to everything and yet don't feel like we are in the city.

The townhouse is really cute, and despite my original thoughts that it might be too small, we fit nicely in it, and its cozy and absolutely perfect for us. Of course there are things I'd like - a larger fenced in yard, bigger spare rooms, an office/craft room... but; for a place to get our roots down, settled in the city.. this is just perfect. It is a great city.. we'll see how much I like it when school starts. With three large colleges in the city, the population grows tremendously in the fall. JMU, EMU and Bridgewater all bring is thousands of students.

Anyhow, I'm just super excited. I just need to find a moms group, or start one, and get aquainted with some other people in the area for myself and for Bella. =) Thats next on my agenda. oh, and a part time job. I need to get my spare room cleaned up so I can start writing again!

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