Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Potty Training.. it's hit or miss..

Yes, We've reached the point of Potty Training. Bella finally isn't revolting against sitting on the potty, and we are working on it. She's doing really well, and although she's having misses at least once a day, I think that it won't take her long to get it all sorted out.

We started bare bottom. I just, one afternoon, decided to see what would happen and, well, there was some pee in the potty, and some pee on the floor. I do have to say, potty training is one way to slowly sanitize your floors! We have gotten to the point now where I've got her in panties, and she's going and pulling them down. It takes reminding to get her to pull them down, but she's getting it, slowly but surely, she's getting it. We use Butterfinger bites and lollypops as rewards for going poop on the potty. Sparkly star stickers for pee. She puts the stickers on her potty, or on herself, or on mommy or daddy. She's also decorated her John Deer toy tractor, which I told her was the only toy she could put the stickers on. So far, I haven't found then stuck to anything else...

When we go out, she gets a pull-up on, also at night and naptimes, although, today I'm testing the waters and left her in her panties during naptime. I'm certain she will go in them, but, I think if we do it a few times, she will get it, and know what her potty is there in her room for her to go in if she needs to.

Any other tips/ideas for potty training are welcomed! I'm excited to get rid of diapers! Even though I still have to work on going #2, I'm still thrilled that I'm not having to change her diaper!

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